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Career Planning and Coaching

For Individuals

Not long ago there was a predictable workplace where you could depend on continuous employment and job security. With minimal planning, your career happened quite naturally.

Consequently, we're unprepared for today's career challenges. In a workplace where change and competition raise varying levels of uncertainty, even the most confident individuals wonder "where do I fit" and "what's my future." And the answers are not quickly forthcoming.

Today, more than ever, it is essential to take control of your career and with it, the decisions which will pose responsibility and reward, accountability and achievement.

Career planning is a lifelong process.

Along this continuum, career decisions will differ according to your personal and professional criteria at each juncture of life. With coaching and guidance, you can clarify goals; achieve effectiveness among work, family and self; and avoid reactive and costly decisions.

Bridges Career Management serves as a resource to help you assess your skills and interests, and explore the options at every stage of your career. Working with you, we help formulate career strategies which respect to your personal and professional priorities.

For Corporations

With intensifying competition, increasing customer expectations and declining resources, career management in many organizations has been overshadowed by the urgency of daily pressures. This has incurred grave costs in terms of quality, performance, and morale
Organizational effectiveness depends on an ability to transition your team from a traditional pattern of expectation to one of increased responsibility for their personal career growth and development. This requires employers to provide tools, resources, and linkages which ensure maximum person-job match, skills acquisition, and continual improvement.

With a heightened awareness of career management in the workplace, organizations can design and implement strategies which align business objectives with individual visions of career success. An organizational career development program can accelerate workforce adaptation to change, improve cost-effectiveness of human resource decisions, and increase retention of your top achievers.

Career management is a partnership with your employees.

Throughout this ongoing process of partnering, there is joint ownership and shared responsibility to create new ways for employees to grow and contribute.
Bridges Career Management works with client organizations to formulate innovative options which fully develop human resources and ensure your competitive strength in the marketplace.


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